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f/64 Challenge Topics

July, 2021: "Movement / Motion "

August, 2021: "Long Exposure Landscape"

September, 2021: "Single Color (monochromatic but not B&W)"

October, 2021: "Boat / Sailing"

November, 2021: "Night Photography"

December, 2021: "Toy (straight out of the camera – no editing)"

January, 2022: "Flat Lay Still Life"

February, 2022: "Portrait (keep it anonymous - nobody we know)"

March, 2022: "Someone at Work"

April, 2022: "Black & White (NO TIME LIMIT on when photo was taken)"

May, 2022: "Negative Space"

June, 2022: "Sunrise / Sunset"


The f/64 contest "year" runs from July → June.
These topics for the upcoming year are posted now for your planning and convenience.

July, 2022: "Flower"

August, 2022: "Reflection(s)"

September, 2022: "Bokeh (the aesthetic quality of the blur produced in out of focus parts of the image)"

October, 2022: "Best Photo Within 1/2 Mile of Your Home"

November, 2022: "Eyes"

December, 2022: "Good Enough to Eat/ Looks Delicious"

January, 2023: "Night"

February, 2023: "Abstract Close Up / Macro"

March, 2023: "People (not portrait or posed)"

April, 2023: "Illustrate a Season (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter)"

May, 2023: "Minimalism"

June, 2023: "Photographers Choice (no time limit)"

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